Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fashion Week, NYC 2009 and then some

A deep sigh of exhaustion now exudes from my entire being. We're not quite over, but here's the deal:
during Fashion Week, all of the models are in town, and , the dear editors schedule as many magazine shoots as they possibly can, to take advantage of that very fact. As a matter of fact, everyone is in town: the photogs, the models, the stylists, and every assistant not shipped off to Albuquerque for a shoot. This omni-presence seems to complicate matters. TV shows schedule bits involving fashion, the reality shows jump on board the fashion bandwagon, and yes, even the designers remember we're here and we can make fabulous hats for their collections.
So, a wrap up of just a few salient points from this mad, mad week and a half:
The Mad Fashionista requested hats by Ellen Christine to highlight her wardrobe for her tent presence. Somewhere along the way she upstaged Kathy Griffin, wearing one of our hats, as reported in WWD. Point for our side.
Chic Today got an article out of me for the Gareth Pugh installation at Mac/Milk. We love this designer, and felt right at home, as if it were the 1980's once again, in the middle of a lit cube.
Go read the article.
United Bamboo requested designs for their S/S 2010 collection. Andrew Richardson, a stylist with whom we have worked in the past, called and asked for a meeting. The meeting went well, the hats looked glorious, I was happy , they were happy. Pay attention to the prints in their collection, all designed inhouse by an artist. Very Joan Miro. Great dresses, and a brilliant jumpsuit.
People Magazine is shooting their 35th Anniversary issue. Some of our cocktail hats were called in by Jamie Grace for Iman, and Chanel Iman to wear........we''ll have to see what happens.
The upcoming tv series "Sherri" picked up two hats for an episode shot just this week.....I can say they're large hats, drama hats, great looking hats......beyond that, watch the show when it comes out.
The last project of the week is for "My Fair Wedding", a reality show that is staging a fashion runway show next week. They'll present a specially designed collection of gowns, with Ellen Christine Millinery headpieces. Watch and see for a David Tutera moment.........

Just a peek into our daily adventures.........just a tip of the iceberg......just a blink of the eye. Now, back to my customers.
Wear a hat, and keep me happy.