Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roberto Alagna on Facebook

Sounds silly, right? Isn't everybody on FB? Not at all:
is the official , official, by his sister, his personal press corps, page. The fans, the groupies, the admirers of RA have been waiting for this for a long, long time. Grousing, complaining, wheedling, hoping. And now we have him. All to ourselves, on Facebook. Marinella has put up exclusive shots from his recent productions. Those of you who don't know Roberto Alagna are in for a treat. The golden boy of the lyrique stage who has changed the face and the attitude of opera forever is a superior talent not to be missed. Fans and followers know and love the inflection of his voice, the precise tonality, and the eloquent phraseology. For those of you out there who don't follow opera: come on board. It's not long-hair anymore, exclusive to the rich and richer. The opera world is enlarging it's popular appeal, by including contemporary facelifts to the classics. Architects are among those now designing sets at The Met. Prada, the fashion house of Miuccia, is designing costumes. Peter Gelb is taking his Met by the horns and mounting an entire new "Ring". Come and see! And hear. Wherever you are in the world, go hear an opera, and bathe in the exquisite music that is ours to own and enjoy.
Roberto Alagna has added a scintilla of rockstar to the opera world. He's the face and the voice the world wants most to see and hear. RA has led an entire corps of actor/singer onto the lyrique stage, and opera will thank him for it for generations to come. No more a "stand-and-deliver" operatic performance, geared to the audience of yore; opera is now raw drama, burning passion, glorious joy. The actor/singer of today , with Roberto Alagna at the avant-garde of these new performers, give us a different point of view. Opera is changing, and those of us who have always loved music, are deeply greatful . Even if we are led, kicking and screaming into the future.