Thursday, May 13, 2010

Face it

Facebook for Ellen Christine Millinery is a lifeline and an extension of our in-house reality. For those of you who haven't friended us yet, please feel free to go to: ellen christine Millinery for our store page. At Ellen Christine Millinery,(notice that change in spelling) we list most of the days ins and outs, ups and downs, press, moment-by-moment
Chelsea news, so feel free to friend us there, too.
The French kids are back! The It and mid-house team is onboard, and working their little brains on all of our projects. These are the interns who let me torture them every summer for months at a time, just so they can be involved in a real New York experience. Their first new project: Hat du Jour, on the ellen christine Millinery Facebook page.

These are for hats that appear in the mist of our imagination as we are working out ideas. I've always crossed over the collection border, and now we get to document it, albeit for a few months. In the Chelsea store, but not online, or in our lookbooks (yet), these hats arrive, live their lives, and get sold to perfect heads who love them and wear them with glee. Hats that may be part of the development process for our wholesale collections for Japan; hats that work out a theme, like "Voodoo" for Fall 2010. Hats that give us the freedom to design with our vintage materials, antique beading and textiles, and let the mind wander on another hat plane. Hats that our customer base requests, demands, or otherwise pesters me for.
all part of Ellen Christine Millinery, and now, out there for the general public to see.

So, the next best thing to visiting our store in Chelsea, and having a hat made just for you? Why, seeing exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces every day, in the warmth and comfort of your kitchen/office/bedroom/studio, that's what. Have fun seeing them now, and perhaps later, as they are born again, into a collection, or on a runway, or in the pages of a magazine.

Tell us your favorites, and have fun seeing's entirely at the discretion of Mika, from Paris, who is gracefully choosing and photographing these lovelies.

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