Saturday, April 30, 2011

the View does Ellen Christine

It's been one polluted week for hats. The Royal Wedding had every tv show scrambling for coverage, not just by their camermen, but coverage for the talking heads. Those heads needed hats, and pronto. It was like: "oops, we forgot the hats", and so a mad dash for hats happened all over town (New York City). And, as per usual, in the fashion world, it was all last minute.
One of the shows Ellen Christine Millinery covered was TheView. Barbara Walters' baby, with a revolving panel of 4, this talk show brings topics and opinions to the forefront of livingrooms in America.
For the Royal Wedding Show, the costume designer called in pieces early in the week (that's this week, for those who aren't following), to be seen by the cast, producer, whomever deigns the wardrobe worthy enough for daytime television audiences, and approved. Apparently, the ladies choose their wardrobe a scant moment before the cameras start to roll, so, not only did we not know their headsizes, but we sure didn't know what they would be wearing.
Good thing I know these ladies from years of watching them on programs. Sheri, we had actually done hats for , when her sitcom needed hats for a church episode. The best way out of this would be to send in fascinators: those little darling drops of joy that perch on the head and cause everyone to giggle. Couldn't go wrong with a fascinator, so off they went: a goodly selection.
When they walked out on stage we got our surprise: Goldi Hawn was the guest host today! And she was wearing a black "Kitchen Sink" I had whipped up that morning. It's ditsy enough for her, but chic. They chose the one I had put in the box just perfect for Elizabeth: a peach horsehair "choux", that had just been featured on "The Aisle". There's another version of this little hat in the "Henri Bendel by Ellen Christine" collection, too. If there are any left.
See The View, our episode, here in it's entirety:

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