Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alex McCord Does Wendy Williams

Alex Mc Cord, or may I say, the charming and lovely Alex McCord came to our showroom this week. Because I'm used to dealing with last minute crazed editors and stylists, I was amazed at the fact that she had prepped this visitation with a DM, and an email, to set the time up.
Here's the gig: an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show for The Royal Wedding post-ceremony commentary on Friday. With Simon . And, of course, clothes-conscious folk that they both are, they prepared ahead of time.
Let me say that again. Ahead of time. For those of you who read me, and/or who are used to the spontaneity of the fab fashion world (I'm being understated here), veeery (sic) little is prepared ahead of time. Oh, sure, Nicoletta Santoro, the saint of prep, or Karl Templer, another one who always calls me in early for their shoots....but normally? The shoot is tomorrow. The television show is in an hour. The photog wants hats. The star wants hats. The producer wants hats. Kill me, I'm not exaggerating. Life is a whirlwind .

So, Alex knows what she'd like to wear, and is hoping we have something in her colorway. Since I'm an avid fan of the show RHONY, and especially of herself and her dapper hub, I know her look. Besides, we've done a shoot together vicariously through my hats. And she's walked in Malan Breton's fashion shows, for which I've had the great pleasure to do hats. So I felt confident in what I'd like to put on her mane of blonde-ness.
But NOTHING prepared me! when they came to this humble, if flavorful establishment,they fill the room with their overall carriage, and personalities. They're incredibly well-paired, as if via central casting. Simon is in an impeccably casual seersucker jacket, which matches the monochromatic golden bronze tones of Alex's heels-but-still-casual ensemble. Blow me away for being a fan, but let me tell you! And I've done some superstars. Jack Nickolson once pinched my butt!
Let's get down to business: the piece I had chosen for her works perfectly. In an instant, I had her hair in a semi-lift, with softness around her chiseled features, and voila! Simon approves. but more importantly, I like it on her, and she likes it , too. Especially for her dress . Oh, la. Can life always be this easy, please? Champagne, and peaches. Love.

Watch for clips of The Wendy Williams Show on her site, unless Simon gets a hold of them first and shares.

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