Wednesday, January 4, 2012

November Again/ Italian Flair

In my ongoing retrospective of this past year's goings on, the press played a huge part in our reality. Italian Flair asked us to do a hat that would be reminiscent of Cardin, or Courreges, very 1960's in flavor. What do you do when you don't own the block? It's called millinery, my dears. You swan it. That means, with a bit of steam, one of our vintage crown blocks, and lots of hand manipulation, it happens. This is actually two hats in one, as some of you may realize. Because the height necessitates an interior elevation, we build a solid foundation from the same felt, to accomodate the head, and have the "opening" sit in perfect position. I'm always amazed at the shots: photography, lighting, and styling all combine to create a beautiful picture. The model is posed in that very cheeky Atomic 1960's way: all swagger, all attitude.
It can be daunting to attempt a recreation, or to do a hat that carries with it a scintilla of past glories, but since I'm all about vintage, somehow it always works. By osmosis, I would expect. We don't have any originals to use as research, so we invent our own modern take on the look. The result: Space Age. Sputnik. And a really great shot.

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