Friday, December 19, 2008

January Whites

     Just in time for the snowfall here in NYC, the issue of W Magazine with Christy Turlington on the cover has arrived  . January is upon us, and Christmas not yet here.

     Our "Diva" couture headpiece is featured in their special feature on bridal whatevers. Called "Chic to Chic", the story covers gowns, jewels, shoes, bags, with  our hat in the lead, on the index pages.  White dazzling white, the Diva has appeared in many versions through the years, but lately the ultimate complement has happened: we've been knocked off by Urban Outfitters. 
     While my brain concocts many a new and exciting cocktail hat, the favorites remain, and the Diva has always held first place. When discos ruled the earth, and sequins were the mainstay of every diva's wardrobe, this little hat was re-born .  Popular in the 1930's as an evening touch of glam, the look became popular on the dancefloors of Manhattan  in the 1970's and picked up a following .  Seen at weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms, and nightclubs, the small, circular perchy hat stayed in the subconscious of hat lovers, waiting for a new venue.
   When I opened Ellen Christine, the shop, we did this little hat as an evening piece, with veiling, and a feather, not just in black, but in colors of the customers' choice.......translated  for brides, it went glam, with swarovski rhinestones added for a glow factor.
     Always on the website, sometimes in the shop, now in W Magazine for your viewing pleasure...Ladies and Gentlemen, I present: The Diva.

 Urban Outfitters, you need me.


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