Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sample Sale Eternal

     Ellen Christine Millinery goes Etsy for a sample sale.  
As of Dec. 4th, go to :


for a streaming sample sale.  Find current models, past inspiration, and samples from Spring 2009 up for grabs at low prices.  We'll be running new items every week, so check back often for something you want or something you've been dreaming about.
   The Etsy community is the perfect venue for our sample sale, a place where hand made ideas made real come to light.  Our samples are made with the same care as our couture, so for those who don't live in New York City, this is a remarkable opportunity to own an original Ellen Christine hat or headpiece for a fraction of the cost in the shop.
     Our workshop will be putting in some interesting vintage ingredients, and research materials for all of the Etsy folk to peruse and drool over.  We have boxes and boxes of antique trims, feathers, ribbons, blocks, books and reference materials....since we're at an overflow mark, we are opening the floodgates to the crafters of the world.
   Please stop by the Etsy page, and do feel free to pass this along to al of your fellow hat lovers.

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