Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get Thee to the Theatre!

Especially, for laughs, both sophomoric, and real, go see "The Toxic Avenger".
Opening April 6th at the New World Stages, at 340 W. 50th Street, this is a comic book-inspired romp through the nonsensical world of the Tromaville hero.  Dipped into a vat of unxious goo, the nerd Melvin Ferd the Third becomes (trumpet fare please) Toxie, the walking vison of New  Jersey waste products.  
The theatre affords an intimate, well planned staging of the hilarious adventures of Toxie and his blind blonde bombshell girlfriend, the odious Mayor, her sidekicks, and Melvin's Mother.  And how do they do it?  How do they (5 actors and a rock band) perform an entire fantasy film/action/superhero sketch? They do it brilliantly:  the sidekicks take on the parts of every known gangsta, ruffian, back-up singers,  and all auxillary roles possible.  The Mayor is playing both herself, and wotta self!, and the Mother, and in one scene has to beat herself up, without missing a beat.  The beat, by the way, is provided by Bon Jovi's own David Bryan, who wrote the songbook and the music.  
I was amazed at the compact possibilities, and the genius execution of it all.  
Bravi, the cast, bravi the producers, and hooray, for this laugh-a-minute escape from our yucky economic woes!
We thank you, and we aim to tell everyone to go see this show!

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