Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take Back the Easter Parade!

Come one, come all, and join the festivities on Fifth.  Avenue, that is, come Sunday, as the Milliners Guild unites en masse, to reclaim the fashionable airs of Easter Sunday outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Renowned as a promenade for the elite for decades, the Easter Parade has had it's ups and downs. Modern counterparts of  Gilded Age strollers are sometimes a bit  more fluorescent and flamboyant than the chic ladies of yesteryear.  Parade atmosphere has somewhat replaced the ego flaunting of the rich, sporting their Paris fashions and extraordinary chapeaux.
No longer will the Eater Parade remain the tag end of a faded ritual..........this year, both the Milliners Guild of New York and their friends.......AND the Dreamland Orchestra, playing music of the 1920's, will be adding a chic element back into the melee.
Come wearing your best hat, your dapperiest don on your arm, and let us reclaim the fashion of the Avenue, at the Easter Parade.

The Milliners Guild will be found, proudly wearing their banners, near 50th and 5th , from 10 a.m. onward.
Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra will be somewhere in the vicinity of 54th and 5th, from 12:30-3.

P.S. I'll be wearing a pink hat, in case you're looking.  Come up and introduce yourself!

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Mamma Mia said...

There must be a way to do this online, too. Take photos and post, won't you?