Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eat Your Hat!

When you have nothing else to do, plan a simple meal around your next confection. Literally. there are contests for these things, and happily most of them use chocolate as their medium.
contests where the entire garment, every hat, sometimes the shoes, bags, "jewelry", is made of chocolate.
And if a bustle made of chocolate might not be to your particular taste, think of vegetables. Use them, create your fashion statements with the vegetables of your youth that you never wanted to eat. Drape them around a model's shoulders, flounced around a hip, perched upon a shoulder. Be vivid, be raucous, but be couture, please.

When all else fails, break out the sugar, and ply your whimsy with tails of spun fantasy. Let these examples be your inspiration, and dream up your own sugarplum delights. What's imagination for, if not to dream of stuff of wonder? Delight in the bizarre, but edible. Diet need not be contained by the kitchen, or relegated to the pantry. Fashion becomes the cabbage leaf, the neckace of peas, the corset stays of carrot sticks. Blossoms of molded chocolate top a mousse of a turban.
Get ready for Fashion Week with your own special wardrobe: take lunch to the masses, and build your ensembles with edibles. the photogs will love you!

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