Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recovering Victim of Fashion

...and not fashion victim, by any means.
When Fashion Week is over, and you don't continue onto the European circuit, you dive headlong into a bag and sleep for as long as you can. Then something called "Market Week" happens, and you prep for the buyers who have come al the way from their respective farflung corners of the globe to purchase wares in this hot burg, New York City.
Ellen Christine Millinery has not wholesaled on a grandscale before last year, so usually, we just readied the Chelsea shop for spring, the races, and the brides. Not necessarily in that order.
This year, however, we were approached by a Japanese chain, and happily gave them pieces for Spring for 20 of their stores. This week, we show Fall 2010, just off the runway from the Milliners Guild show ......the theme for this collection is Voodoo. Dusky felts, sultry cocktail hats, raucous feather treatments comprise the base of the collection. The photographer hasn't shot the collection yet, so I can't show you anything; it's all up to your imagination for the moment.

While all this hubbub of activity is keeping little fingers busy, the Vogue March issue has come out. We are flabbergasted at having 4 pieces in this bible of spring. Tina Fey leads her cover story with is wearing a darling mouse-ear cocktail cap we made (our salute to Minnie Mouse and Mr. Disney), commissioned by Vogue specifically for Miss Fey. Gorgeous straws, shown with exotic spring fancies. Military complacency (ours is bottle green silk taffeta) as garrison caps.
Great issue, great shots, great styling............thank you, once again, VOGUE!

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