Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glamour's Anniversary Issue

We did Elle Magazine, and Ebony, both for their star-studded celeb filled anniversary issues this year! And now, we're in the pages of Glamour Magazine's 20th Anniversary Special Issue. run and buy this one, people.
How it happened: Buki came to us with a story, and asked for a selection of pieces that would work. The operative word was : "kooky". Not far from the center of my universe, that. He came to the shop and we reviewed a colorful selection of possibilities. They all went back with him to the magazine, and got shot. As in shoot. For the story. No guns involved.
They chose one of the headbands! A wild little looping of felt, mounted on wire, and a base...all placed neatly on a comfortable headband for your accessoried pleasure. We did one in black, as well, but the story ran the hot pink. what a wow piece! Light up any outfit, or holiday room with this little showstopper,and you'll start to shop just for the headpiece to go out more.
Here in the Chelsea store, we have variations, covered in rhinestones, too! Sparkle plenty, and love every minute of the spotlight.

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