Friday, November 19, 2010

Time to Start Shopping for a Hat

Spring is designed, and will be available any minute now. Good thing, since Kate and Wills have announced the inevitable, and are now planning for a Spring/Summer wedding. And oh, does Kate love her hats. If you're going to the wedding, MUST HAVE HAT. So start now, or else the Kentucky Derby ladies will knock you out of the park.
Kate Middleton has been seen wearing leather hats, fur hats, felt hats, but the British millinery "industry" has lately reported that 85% of their sales are "fascinators" . See Kate in lots of those little sprightly, feathery things? That's a fascinator. America is catching up, so you can find a fabulous bit of frippery over here in the colonies now. Ellen Christine Millinery introduced them a while ago, and has been concocting high ones, low ones, wide ones, and yes, even occasionally, a flat one, for over a decade. We advise our clients to shop for the hat first, and work your way down to the rest of the wardrobe with hat in hand. The hat will be the primo inspiration for the ensemble, and help you to get a handle on a mood. It will help create the magic of the moment, and make the search for the perfect dress so much easier.

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