Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Up!

From the sound of things, it will still be chilly next Sunday, so wear your warmest Easter Bonnet to the Parade on Fifth Avenue.
the Milliners Guild will be out in full force, and from all the press we receive, join us, and get your picture taken. By someone. Maybe even Mr. Bill Cunningham of the New York Times. International tv, radio, and print photogs and reporters show up en masse to cover the event, and it's so much fun even the staid can't stand it. Grab a bunny, plan your day with a brunch uptown, and a carriage ride through the park. Hat firmly on head, smile in place, spirit aloft and Fifth Avenue at your feet....Michael Arenella's Dreamland Orchestra will be playing outdoors, just across from the University Club, for those dreamland dancers out there. Literally, there will be dancing in the street. Ah, Easter Sunday. Fred Astaire could not ask for more.

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