Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hat Words to the Wise

Gotta love a clutch of feathers that shoot up from a headpiece. Or a vast sweep of felt that swoops like a 1930's perchy hat, veil intact. Some adore a vast brim, with miles of ribbon dangling.
But that's us, the hat wearers/lovers/aficionados of the world. It's definitely NOT the lady who sits behind you at the opera and politely asks you to remove your hat. Or the waiter who sneezes when your feather tickles his nose while he's pouring the Veuve. Or all your friends who wore no hat at all to that marvelous wedding in Ireland at the castle.
Hatiquette. Be ain't pretty.
Since hat wearing is finally coming into it's own after decades of snide remarks and snubbing by the masses, please allow me to impart a few words of wisdom:

Use the width of your shoulders to measure the brim span. If you go larger than that you can wind up looking like a mushroom.

Wear something that fits in the cab/car/limo if you're being driven to a function. That way, it's sure to be small enough not to offend that waiter. Or your Mother-in-Law.

Wear black to funerals. With veils.
Wear navy blue as an alternative to black.

Think over-the-top for the races. If you wear that little sun hat you bought in the Caribbean, someone might think you're the tour guide.

Be joyful when choosing your hat for a wedding. It's a celebration, after all. The bride will love you all the more for joining in the moment of her day.

Cocktail for evening. Large brimmed straw hats just aren't done in the evening.

Mothers-of-the-Brides/Grooms: wear a hat that let's people get up close to kiss you. Unless you can't stand your relatives.

Brides: knock 'em dead. It's your duty to shine, so go as far as you can handle.

Remember that it's your face that designs the hat. Your eyes should be luminous when you put that hat on. The hat is there to be the frame......not be the picture. And when people talk to you, they shouldn't be looking at your hat. If it's the right one, your face glows, your smile lights up, your eyes sparkle. Just look in the mirror at the millinery shop, and judge for yourself which hat does it's job.
Any questions?

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