Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tokyo Does Ellen Christine

We're all over Japan this Spring, with our first wholesale customer touting our wares from coast to coast, Japan-style. The very wellbred store chain: "Iena", has now added Ellen Christine Millinery to their roster of retail wares to tantalize their customer base. With 43 stores, and a great eye for collection pieces, Iena presents a Francophile outlook on young fashion in Japan. They chose a clean cut natural panama straw fedora, edged in navy blue, for their Spring cover. Inside the catalogue, one of our parasisal cloches is perched jauntily atop a headscarf. Styled, appealing, and ours!
May they sell out in one week. Wait until you see what's in the stores for Fall 2010, Japan-fans!..

For Japanese speakers, go to their website for updates , trends, and products:

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