Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sigh. The baseball cap is the bane of milliners everywhere. The powers that be make trillions of them per annum, and America has grown accustomed to popping that little thing on their noggins, and sallying forth. Not to play ball, by the way.
When I heard that Disney was supporting a hat program, I got excited. It didn't last long. But it's a hat, or sorta, I say to myself.

Disney is supporting Earth Day by giving away a ball cap with every 6 plastic bottles you return to one of their stores. Oh, and the ballcap is made from 6 recycled bottles. Recycling!
The sword is double edged, but they're trying. Recycle those plastic bottles, to be sure, but please don't expect me to put them on my very expensive hair. What happens if my highlights turn green, or something? And my cancer patients prefer something organic, like silk, or cotton, on their heads. But America is not to be deterred. Not yet.
If we continue on our mission to get real hats out there, we may prevail. May God make it happen in my lifetime.
Here's the link to the Disney site:

Now, to get Disney behind a real project: making hats in America again.

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