Monday, April 19, 2010

Vogue May 2010

The flapper has always been the most popular hat silhouette in the shop: a little cloche, summer or winter, goes a long way in a girl's wardrobe.
Vogue has featured our hats in two very important 1920's stories: one, the September 2007 issue, shot at Le Cercle Rouge, here in Manhattan, and shown in the documentary about that very issue. "The September Issue", as a film, shows the public at large all that's involved in the realworld of behind the scenes . Backstage has been popularized by film and tv shows, but the real deal has no comparison.
In the May issue, Vogue leads the American woman through her own icons, history, and imagery. In a story shot by David Sims, the Flapper is an archetype, celebrating feminity and feminism.
By the way, this issue covers the new show at the Costume Institute, which "charts the development of an all-American style identity".
It's a heck of an issue, and once again, thank you, Vogue, for including Ellen Christine in it.

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