Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last Call for Hat Stack

Well, hello, and here we go.tomorrow is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. With the entire world gone mad for the World Cup, sports awareness is at an hormonal high, and all the world is watching. Us, that is, at the VCPC, on Governor's Island. Prince Harry is coming, Prince Seeiso is coming, and a raft (really a VIP Ferry) full of celebrities are sure to drop by.
No stranger to last minute requests, at Ellen Christine Millinery,we are frantically hatting it up until the last possible second this evening. Celebrities? Done! President of Belvedere? Done!
Host Chair Committee? Done!
From the sound of things, hats are flying off shelves all over town, and it will be the definitive hat occasion in New York City Social Circles!
Finally, something for everyone........with much better can this get, o hatted ones?
We start off our very full day tomorrow with an appearance on Weekend Today New York, doing a hat beat, and setting the scene for the event. What to wear? What hat?
Join the fun, come to Governor's Island tomorrow, and for God's sake, wear a fabulous hat!

1 comment:

sam said...

My hat wasn't fabulous but you and our Nagar are stars Next year we shall meet under the marquis again but I shall have my glorious hat from you first
XX Vclicqsam