Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Fair Wedding : New Season

Sunday night, Ellen Christine Millinery shows up on David Tutera's My Fair Wedding at 10 p.m., We TV. That's the's the story:

Out of the blue, we got a call from a producer for the show. We had worked with David Tutera, when we did the headpieces for his runway show last season. so now, the question was, do we want to do a segment on My Fair Weddings?
As any good ham knows, we never turn down an opportunity to be out there, although I'm basically a behind the scenes kind of gal. So the wheels were set in motion, and the adventure began.

The day of the shoot, the crew arrived, set up,moved, moved again, re-arranged, and set up yet again, to have the scene ready. Our gig was to present three options for the Bride in the story, and our Bride wanted fantasy glamour vintage...1920's, to be precise. So we offered them a variety of styles from the era, with modern twists.
Everyone who knows Ellen Christine , know we are the Flapper destination, (see our editorial layouts in Vogue, Sept 2007, and May 2010).
History is our thing.
David arrived, dapper gentleman that he is; Bride arrived, all a-flutter and excited; shooting commenced. And it was in the can after a few hours. There are a few out-takes that should show up on a blooper program somewhere, but I'll be they won't! Something funny always happens on set. Now it's up to you to tell me what you think of the episode....on Monday!
I'll let you all watch the episode to see what we came up with, and what an incredible wedding David produced out of his hat for this couple!

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