Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the Making of a Hat du Jour

No, we don't usually do "in-the-box" hats here at Ellen Christine Millinery. But once in a while, when I pull out some of the archival materials, I can't bring myself to cut them up. And so, the normal hats take up residence. We can't reproduce them, but we often have two or three of the same bodies (that's what you call the blank/raw material for making a brimmed hat), so if you miss one, you might get to see another one.
This little lady is a vintage, densely woven toyo, with a pc brim of 4" on it. I say pc because the American Cancer Society recommends a 4" brim for sun protection. We aim to please.
Although the straw starts out soft, with a bit of organic stiffening, it gains body. This particular style requires that format, to retain it's shape, and lady-like appearance.
The flower is a handmade composition made in the studios at Schmalberg, where we make our trims. Leaves, petals, branches, buds......whatever we don't make here, we make there. Now, that's a place to visit when you come to town. Put it on your list, and ask for Warren. He loves to show off his 19th Century machinery.
The flower is made to be removeable, for a wardrobe change. It's up to you.
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