Friday, December 9, 2011

Hats Across the Miles of Internet

Been a long time. Since all the s/s (Spring/Summer to novices) has been there and done that, we're now onto the new S/S 2012. Normally, wayyy before Christmas, designers have done with their new collections for the next year. Resort happens somewhere in there as well, and Fall? Fall is a state of mind until it's time to design the new F/W (did you get it yet?:Fall/Winter), for next year. Yes, it's all pretty confusing, but then again, it's just another cycle. It's why bikinis are in shop windows in January. And Vogue is showing "pre-Spring" in December.
Our seasons are not the same as real seasons. Then again, our entire point of view is skewed towards one reality: design. Design factors into every sense of what material to use; what "theme" pervades; where the muse comes from. To be a designer, or an artist, usually means that everyday bits and pieces get taken care of by someone else. The moment you live in is all important, and the current project is the major focus.
Focus is compartimental in design. Like Bill Clinton, a designer puts it all into proportion: open one door, close another one. It's almost like living in a big house, with each room done in a different color. The pattern of your moment changes with the light and shadows of each room, and you change focus, according to the immediate environment.
If none of this makes sense, feel free to ask about art, or design to the next person you meet. Hopefully, they will have a different take on it all. For one, I tend to get wrapped up in many projects at once, but always looking backwards and forwards. Backwards, because a hat I designed many moons ago shows up on the pages of Vogue months after the shoot has happened. Forwards because vision is perceptive: it carries you forward into the next project with no help from you.
With this blog, I shall attempt to catch you up to now. We have had many wonderful ,breathtaking projects this year,and I hope to finish the recap before it's ended in a few weeks!
Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Above, see The Olsen Twins in two of our hats in the Vogue special issue for December: Best Dressed. It's always a thrill and an honor.

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