Friday, December 9, 2011

The Travelling Hat

David Widjaja is a friend of mine. He came into my life as a stylist, and he has given Ellen Christine such grand exposure in magazines that are seen all across the country. Literally. For example, this one, CS (chicago) and Angeleno (Los Angeles) are both under the publishing wing of Modern Luxury. There are also issues in Atlanta,Dallas, Miami, Wash.D.C. and New Yodk city, to name a few of the covers. For their 2011 Holiday Wish List, published in November, we bagged the cover of the Chicago issue. Thank you, David!
David is all about color. He makes me work in brights, primary tones,and things outside of my normal comfort realm. This is good. With his eye for luxurious fabrics and exotic sets, David works magic with our hats. Also seen in the pages of internationally acclaimed mags, he styles luxe far and wide, and he loves hats.
When a stylist has a natural affinity for an accessory, they approach their composition from a different point of view. Sometimes it's the photographer who requests our pieces for editorial shoots, and then the stylist works with them to co-create a look. But with David, it's always his idea. I know when I get that phone call that I have to do something in silk. Like a turban. Or colorful like the little "Flying Saucers" we did for this cover. He drapes his models over staircases, wraps them around chairs, poses them on balconies, swimming pools, and keeps that hat on their heads at all costs.
Thank you, David, for your years of bright looks, and demanding ways. May we continue to work together for many ,many years. Here's to the next cover!
P.S. Not all publications that our hats appear in find their way to my doorstep. The editor of this particular magazine sent us two copies, one of CS, and one of Angeleno, in a magnanimous gesture. We thank him. Believe it or not, most times it's one of our friends, colleagues or clients who do the Ellen Christine spotting!

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