Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peachy Deegan, our own Hedda Hopper

Peachy Deegan has a brilliant column online that covers things high and low all over Manhattan. She loves things made in America, and spotlights new restaurants, and the most excellent of choices for your shopping pleasure. All in Manhattan, sourcing for the coolest shoes, the nicest dentist, the most chic, the most hip. Peachy tells us which restaurants are hot, new, or just plain good. In her column, she can cover beauty as delightfully as the latest fundraiser she has just attended.
Be there or be square, basically, since "Whom You Know" lays out the facts of life for those coming to New York, or those of us who live here.
Peachy began working with Ellen Christine on a sultry summer's day, when she happened upon us when we were in Chelsea, in the retail space. That summer, Peachy wore an Ellen Christine hat to the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, a yearly event on Governor's Island. The girl can wear a hat! Nowadays you may see her in one of her feathered fascinators, which have become part of her public persona . In November, published an update of our story, slanting it towards the "Made in America" point of view. Patriotic, Peachy appreciates a good thing when she sees it, but loves a good thing when it's provenance is local/USA, and never hesitates to cover that fact. It's an honor to be part of the "Movers and Shakers" roster, along with such luminaries as Liz Smith and New York City's Mayor Mike Bloomberg. And it's more than fabulous being the "Official Milliner" of WhomYouKnow. Along with lots of superb purveyors of excellence, our hats have received a warm and friendly welcome chez Peachy.
For Hedda Hopper fans, Peachy may be a throwback, a new and exciting insertion into the world of the web. Hats go great with poise and character, and Peachy is just that personified. As a point of exclamation on a might slip of a girl, her hats are becoming seen around some of the finest establishments in town. Look for her, and look for to be in the know, and on top of the brightest and most beautiful here in town.
Thank you, Whom You Know, for giving us such great coverage,and for looking so resplendant in your plumage!

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