Saturday, October 25, 2008

Expounding Upon Chanel

Before I get into see the current exhibit in Central Park, research is a requisite.  The Times' Nicolai Ourossoff scoffs at this merging of art, commerce, and fashion as a flatfooted move in these economic straights we're in.  Should art and fashion then hide until the world can afford to indulge once again?
I say nay, Nicolai......these are the times when the world needs distraction, interesting installations, and art by the wagon load.  Let each man judge whether it be to his liking, whether it be good or bad, blue or green.  Busby Berkeley used the dynamic of the Great Depression to create a library of fascinating film, scene after scene filled with distraction.  The costumes and wardrobe flaunted by the Hollywood stars of the 1930's cheered an entire generation through the inanity of the feathers, the satin, the furs. How merciful was that era of flash for the hard hit, and hard bitten folk of the Depression?
Let Mr. Lagerfeld provide us with that distraction, in an artful, architectural mode.  Mode, get it?
Fashion isn't just about consumerism, it's about learning to speak a language of clothing within a context.  The House of Chanel has given us decades of beauty, innovation, and genius.  Let that same wave of contribution sweep over the playing fields of Central Park for the next few weeks and let us languish in it, revel in it, and by all means, appreciate the art form.

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