Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Time

In the West Village, NYC, every year there is a parade of ghoulish wonder, with giant puppets, spangled characters, floats, and thousands of gawkers lining the parade route.  For years, we all just jumped in whrever, but now it's a bit organized......proceed to Spring and 6th Avenue.  the parade starts at 7, so get ready now!
Handmade is best, but feel free to stop into the shop for a feather accessory, mask, or some hat that will complete your costume.....veiling, tulle, feathers..........add something, as you need to fill in your costume.
We don't have Carnivale.instead we do the Halloween thing.  We don't do The Day of the Dead, we do the Halloween thing. Don't stay at home, come out if only for an hour to experience the dragons in person.  
And, if you've never participated.....this is one of those things you have to do in your lifetime.  come as a girl if you're a boy. Come as a boy if you're a girl......come as objects; come as  people, dead or, pink, blue, hatted or headless: come to the parade tonight!
Here's a hint: this year's theme is "Ghosts!"...........

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