Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't Care if Halloween Comes First..........

We hereby announce the New York very first celebration of St. Catherine's Day!  We, the Milliners of New York City, will band together in raucous marching through the erstwhile millinery district in midtown on November  18.  Yes, it's a date of our own choosing, because the real St. Catherine's Day, November 25th, is too close to Thanksgiving for us, and so we march early. The idea, Paris/French in origin perhaps, is to join together the unmarried ladies of 25, on the 25th day of November, and decorate the statue of St. Catherine, in the hopes it will bring on the chain to your ball......aka, a mate.
We're not traipsing about looking for a statue of St. Catherine to decorate, and so we follow the tradition of donning festive headgear, and celebrate anyway.  And, we're not all 25 years old, either.  The New York tradition will start this year at the Synagogue in the Millinery District: 1025 6th Avenue, up through Bryant Park, towards our goal: the party at Haven. Of course, you must wear a fabulous hat to participate in the walk, and even crueler still: the open bar will only admit you if you're wearing that fabulous hat!
So,, come one, come all, come hats...........don't worry...I'll remind you all.............but get ready!  

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