Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hatty Award

...Much to our surprise, we've been included in the twenty recipients of the first Annual Hatty Award.  The award is given by the publishers of Hatlife, known in the trade for it's consistent coverage of the millinery industry.
Thank you!  We continue to make surprising and interesting headwear every day, with five collections per year.  When you come into the shop in Chelsea, you'll see our current, past, and future ideas all living peacefully together.  It's fun to be in this business, happily making cocktail hats one day for a request from Vogue magazine, and summer straws the next, for a shoot that W is doing with some celebrity.  Being included in the recipients marks a definite turn in our direction, as we head into our plans to develop as a wholesale company, with an eye towards the cocktail and bridal markets.  Our brides, often editors and designers themselves, come to us with couture ideas.....we hope to develop these extraordinary pieces we are priveleged to make into a cohesive line.
Wish us luck, and continue to buy hats............
No more naked heads!
Ellen Christine

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