Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Antiques Show

It's that time of year. If there's snow on the ground in New York City, it must mean the opening of the annual Winter Antiques in it's 55th glorious year, this show is the premier gathering of cognoscenti in the antiques world.  From the world over, purveyors and collectors alike huddle over a rare book, coo into the doors of an even rarer sideboard, and ogle ridiculously rare jewels that date as far back as B.C. 
This is the time to indulge your senses, and wallow in old.  Stroll one afternoon through the aisles of  renowned European houses, and fine American dealers , who have created a city for your perusal.  From January 23rd, until February 1, you too can come and bask in the glow.  Or come to the Opening Night Party, or to the Young Collector's Party, to see the sights while sipping champagne and grazing on gourmet tidbits ....all information can be had by going to and clicking on the Winter Antiques Show button on the left.  This is all to benefit the East Side House Settlement, so it's a wonderful way to start your year off with a charity event, and beauty in abundance, all in one fell swoop.
Come join us!  I'm there on Sunday and Monday, and of course, at the parties...............

photo courtesy of Cora

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