Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for the Brides

.ahh, February.......before we dive into Fashion Week, we must make some time for the brides.  They come to the shop in Chelsea from December onwards, hunting and foraging, seeking their perfect headpiece, veil, accessory......or just an idea to spark their imagination.  Ellen Christine Millinery is honored by chic magazines around the globe, with coverage and pictures of some of our creations.  Online, the site ( pulls in brides from an international market. 
Sometimes brides come in with their mothers, in town for the weekend.  Sometimes they come in with their fiances.  More often than not, a friend is the costume consultant for a day, and advises which pieces goes with their idea of the perfect bride.
Taking all of this into consideration is hard work, so here I've laid out some 

Ground Rules for Brides-To-Be:

Know as much as possible about your accessories: jewelry, shoes, bag
Practice hairdos before you shop for the headpiece and veil
Bring in tearsheets of interesting items you've seen and admired
Have a swatch of the gown
Have a picture of the gown, or a sketch
Know your budget
Don't leave the headpiec until the last possible moment

By having done all of the list above, you'll know how you feel about adding beads, or lace, or tulle.  A basic headpiece can be changed by a simple addition of a feather, or jewel, and French veiling, the most popular at the moment, can be added after the headpiece is designed, should you change your mind.  Don't be afraid of trying something dramatic, because this is the day to do it.  Think color, think detache-able, think outside the bridal box.

Then come to Ellen Christine for the headpiece of your life.

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