Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ebony's Anniversary Issue

Mario Wilson is a stylist that we've worked with for a decade or more. When he got the Ebony Anniversary Issue storyboard, he called Ellen Christine Millinery for hats.
The editors had an idea that would re-create covers from the Ebony archives: Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge among the icons portrayed. Using contemporary, well-loved stars, the covers would commemorate the cultural history that these artists have given the world.
The cover that captured one moment of Lena Horne (she graced quite a few covers) was styled with a huge draped hat, that reminded me of Christian Dior. Mario asked us to do a modern version that would fill the page, work that glorious color, and accent the beauty of Jurnee Smollett, from The Defenders. With the tiny timeframe (not unusual in the fashion world) we had to do the hat, we chose one of our sculptured hats as a design base,and dyed the material to match Miss Horne's hat. Tell us, did it work for you?
For Miss Diana Ross, Lady Day herself, the pose chosen worked a sequinned beret, surrounded by ostrich plumes. We made a beaded beret/cocktail hat, embroidered by hand with crystals, rhinestones (Swarovski), and pearls on a lace base to capture the richness of the moment.
This is definitely an issue to own.

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