Friday, October 15, 2010

Rude Milliners

Oh, yes, that's me! I just fled from a mindless comment, and she probably thought I was being rude. Believe me, if I had stayed, I'd have been really rude. Sigh. In the holy days of glorious black and white movies, the salesgirls were always polite , unless it was someone like Crystal, in "The Women". She was rude, but then, she was a scripted character, played by Joan Crawford. Joan Crawford was a strong character with or without a script, if we believe the lore of Hollywood gossip.
But here in my little shop, I stand along, with no script, with just my mouth to defend me. Sigh.
If you, the total, hatless stranger, walks in and says: "I hate hats".......what can you really expect me to say??? If you walk in and say" You're probably too expensive"........what can you really expect me to say?????
Or: "Hats look terrible on me".......commmmeeeeee onnnnnnn.
Me, the mouth. Of course I'm going to say something like: So, it's a hat shop, why are you here?
Yes, we are expensive, but we try to accomodate. No, our hats aren't made in the united republic of starving orphans and widows who work for .25 a week. No, we don't glue, paste, varnish, and otherwise turn into plastic, the things some people call hats. No, we don't have enough inventory. Sorry.....Macy's is in the other direction. Loehman's is on 7th Avenue. H&M isn't on this block.
Sometimes I take the time to explain the veritable glories of handmade hats. And sometimes I don't.
Please, hat shoppers, take pity on us. those of us who make our own product beg you to be thoughtful, kind, reflective, and not blurt out the first thing that you think when you walk in. Think first, and then talk.
And let those of us who know our craft handle your hat problems.
Oh, and if I'm insulting you please feel free to banter back. I love a good witty exchange.

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