Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hats Need Shoes

If a girl has a new hat, what's the next thing that will spark up an outfit, and perk up her mood? New shoes! It's all investment shopping, of course, with an eye to the practical, and yet fulfills the shopping need. New shoes can change your mood, much as a new hat can, while saying to the world that your style isn't about old, worn, scuffed boots every single day. Of course, if they have a distressed look to the leather, and yet are brand, spanking new, it's the marriage of two worlds. Handmade shoes, meant for walking, in this crazy burg of ours, New York,can be a blessing.
There's a little shop in Nolita: Shoe, that can go down that checklist for you and supply men and women with hot new style on the feet. Pumps, boots, sandals......very, very cool looking shoes.
Trust me, I've been a shoe-aholic since I was a wee tot.

Look for a great walk-through of the store by Lisa Staples on, a portal for you guessed it: local boutiques!

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