Sunday, September 7, 2008

Don Jose Ramon Reyes

Really too young to be a Don in the Spanish sense, Jose Ramon hails from Santo Domingo, and has been doing very well with his sportswear line.  Happily, we have collaborated before, just last Spring, and we've been honored to be included once again in this Spring 2009 collection.
The pieces in this collection are able and designerly in a wonderful way: JR uses fabrics to combine a mood.......using a gingham check on a heel of a shoe, AND the hat, as well as the garment itself, pulls us back into the days of early Dior combos.  Touches like this are the sign of a passion and a very organized mind.  The dresses are wonderful in this group, and they offer a wider range of client base selections......not just for kids, in other words.  Beautifully crafted, with a perfectionist eye for line, balance, detail, and flow.
I liked it, and I'm not just saying that, kids..........
p.s. the hats looked great!

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