Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hit the Deck!

Ah, Manhattan!  We forget we're an island, surrounded by water and waterways, and that those waterways are becoming accessible with transportation.  It's not quite the same as a subway, but think about a Water Taxi the next time you have to go to Brooklyn from Mid-town.  The shape and scope of this city is different  when viewed from the water.  Suddenly, you're passing groups of islands, marinas, kayaks, sailboats.  Although we're in high pressure NYC, and the rivers run right by us, the magic of those waters isn't put into play unless you're actually ON the water.  Yes, the East River, and the Hudson River protect us from the evil spells of our invaders, but when you're on the water, the magic is real.  
I've always chosen a Ferry ride as a mode of choice, often taking extra hours just for the pleasure of the passage.  The movement of the boat on the water, what's behind you, and what's in front of you, create a different funnel of time.  Pre-Chunnel, there I'd be on the bumpy Ferry from England to France.  In France, from Royan to the Medoc, another Ferry.  From Cape May to Delaware, again a Ferry ride.  So relaxing.
All over either river, there are tours for the Waterfalls.....a free ride to Ikea has now joined the pack of busy little boats filling the waterways.  But now, besides just doing a party on one of the many wonderful boats for rental, think about grabbing the taxi, hopping a ferry, or taking a kayak course.  Your point of view will change, and boy is it exhausting getting that many positive ions in one day!
P.S. Don't take your cell phone with you!

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Mamma Mia said...

So what hat do you recommend for cruising the Hudson, please?

Can you describe it so I get a mental image on my head?