Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fashion Victim

ahh, and a tired one I am indeed...........while everyone has run off to Europe for the shows in London, Milan, and Paris, we get a breather over here in New York City. So of course the mags descend, craving new designs, for issues on next years roster already. And they haven't even begun to clamor for the pieces Galliano hasn't shown yet.......is there no rest for the weary?  
Well, all in fun..........we've just updated the Myspace page with Spring 2009, and some updated press pages.  those of you following the trials and tribulations of  The Cause of the Hat on this blog will recognize several of the images the lovely and able Amelia has uploaded for our viewing pleasure....it's a recap of the Italian Vogue story that Camilla Nickerson did with our pieces in the July issue.....some current August/ September press, and bits from our Bergdorf Goodman kamikaze appearance.  No, they haven't called yet, in case you were wondering.
We're back from another astounding weekend on Governor's Island, sun and frolic for all. It's the perfect venue for our sample sale, and so we will continue with the idea next June.  Keep posted, and if you're one of our regular customers, you'll find out all about it.  If not, we may even advertise it , so keep an eye out........
Off I go to dream up something spectacular for Amanda Harlech's daughter.........

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