Friday, September 19, 2008

Sailing to Waterworld

...and in your own back yard!  Who needs Disneyland, when we have Deitch Galleries.......their new installation provides visual as well as tactile inspiration for designers and art buffs alike.  When I look at these constructs, I see Peter Pan, Kevin Costner, the Sub-Mariner..........every merman and pirate fantasy come to's easy to imagine Johnny Depp mischievously peeking out from behind one of the sails. But that's where my head is at, post-1960's drug culture.
This clever and colorful art has been amiably  brought to my attention by Amy Prince, effervescent and intelligent managing editor at Surface Magazine (please see the current issue for some of our hats).  She's sent me the link, and now you all can benefit from the extended arm of networking, just in case you don't know about it as yet.  
Long Island City, just across the East River from the 35th St. stop on the Water Taxi, used to be a world away from Manhattan.  SilverCup Studios, where we did the American Craft Council campaign eons ago it seems, is out there somewhere, if I'm not mistaken.  Take a quick vacay, and go see this installation, to amuse your friends and dinner partners, spark your imagination, and view Manhattan from a different artistic angle.  
Ship ahoy!
Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, Deitch Studios, 212-343-7300,

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