Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time to Listen

Not to the politicians, I'm not pointing you in that can indulge in drama and politicking all you want, on your own time.  Here, I want to steer you into fashion drama, and barring that, into fashionability at the very least.
Every year Ellen Christine makes cloches..........and berets, by demand, more than by habit.  I call them hats for virgins, because of their easy wearability, and because people not yet used to wearing hats (!?) can handle both of these shapes .  The beret is the most sought after hat when the weather begins to turn.  We do a soft fabric beret in several styles, and a blocked fur felt beret, very jaunty, and popular this week because of the High Holidays.  
The cloche hits the shelves by August, and the first round is sold out by September.  That means I have to design new ones, so I won't get bored.  The cloche, named after the bell shape it mimics, can be had in a round shape, a flat, Art Deco shape, in fabric...we have original 1920's textiles we make them in every season.....   We add feathers, beads, trim from the Edwardian era, buttons, ribbon, or nothing, as some customer prefer. 
I'm including two of our basic cloches: one a simple entity with a perky rose at the side of the hat, and one with a milliner's felt rose, sculpted from the same felt as the cloche.  Both can be found on the Ellen Christine website, an online catalogue of our classic repetoire and both are within reach economically......(  Order yours directly through the website, and get on the cloche wagon.
See, I'm listening!

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