Thursday, March 12, 2009

Housewives Need Hats, Too

Once in a while something comes along on TV that gets me hooked.  I'll admit it: The Real Housewives of New York City has dug it's talons into me.  I follow the series, I Facebook, I read their blogs.  Maybe because it's New York, and I'm here, too...who knows? My friends aren't like this.......their egos aren't this fragile, their apartments so perfect, their pools so blue.  We are a bit of an alternative group, my friends and I....we dress accordingly to our own whimsical, eccentric poetry of the moment. We don't hang at the Hamptons.......who'd want to? Our husbands don't have lucrative businesses that support our projects.  Well, most of them don't.  
When you get completely immersed in the fashion scene in New York, there are divas everywhere, but would you choose them as your friends?  Just say hello, and carry on. Not necessary to take them into the bosom of your family.
So, the girls are sensitive creatures, easily offended. I had a friend like that.....everything I said was interpreted in a completely subjective manner.  Ouch.  The Housewives do their confronting on camera, since it's a TV show, and make up somewhere along the way.  What happens in between is up to the audience to make up.  Reality TV is only 24/7 if there's a camera in the house.  So,  petty tiffs, and quite a few attitude flinging sessions take flight every week.  What a story line!
Since I've never watched reality TV, I'm not so familiar with the concept, but I read on the blogs that people who watch these shows are intensely involved.  Everything from behavior, to nail polish is criticised, sliced and the public so perfect?  Am I missing something?  What to me is a non-plussed romp through someone's day to day, seems to be a case study for lab students everywhere.
So I watch, and theorize about America, and wonder yet again what train all these people have taken.

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