Thursday, March 19, 2009

We take celebrities to heart in New York City.  They are our World Bank, our 6 Degrees of Separation from fame and glory, our Muses.  On any given day in a Starbucks, a Barnes and Noble, or just walking around the corner, you may run into Harrison Ford, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Liam Neeson.  There may be a fleet of trailers lining your street, as another scene from a film or a television series is being shot. Your favorite celeb might be out for a walk, or on his way to buy a hat.
These beloved and admired folk come to New York to appear in a Broadway show, to put in a cameo at a Charity event, or they might move here because of the anonimity afforded living amidst these madding crowds.  We cherish our actors.  They are a part of our city, even if they live a bit upstate.
Natasha Richardson and her gorgeoous husband came to live here.  Although I never had the privilege of working with either of them, I did have my Liam moment.  As I was trudging through Soho one afternoon I had to bypass some of those aforementioned movie trailers.  I bypassed smack into Mr. Neeson.  End of contact story, but nevermind...there's always a little flutter when you run into one of your heroes (literally).  When he and Miss Richardson married, the best of two worlds joined and provided us, their fanbase, with the delight of having them on home turf.
And because it's closer to home, we feel the loss that much more.  God bless the family, and Miss Richardson, Godspeed.

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