Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring into Hats

In the Northeast, we're really trying to get into Spring.  the easy dresses are coming out, orders are coming in for Ascot.  Mothers of the Bride are getting nervous about what they may be wearing on their heads.  Easter and Passover are just around the corner.
But it snowed one morning this week, and it's still chilly and than some outside.  Of course I can remember Easter Sunday as it snowed on my new suit and hat, but that was long ago, and not normal.
As a perky measure, getting your Spring hats out of their boxes is a good way to convince yourself that the weather is changing, and brighter colors are on the verge of happening.  Dust off those flowers, get your strappy sandals ready, and prep your transitional wardrobe so you can mix things in , just to add a note of cheerful expectancy to the day.
At Ellen Christine, we follow the Victorian's philosophy: use a darker straw as an in-between hat, and you'll feel lighter in your step and almost frivolous in you mood.  If it's not quite time for those Panamas yet, use a feather trim or a flower on one of your felts, and bear witness to the changing of seasons.  
Work your way into the high season by thinking ahead to what new hat you'd like to add to your wardrobe, and come into the shop and play.  We have to make new ones every week, so the panoply changes, as the temperature rises, albeit ever so slightly.
  Forge into Spring with a new hat, and your spirits will rise to the occasion!

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