Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rusalka at The Met

    The magic of the Met happens, and you're not aware of being transported in an out of body experience, but suddenly, the lights come up and you're back.
In the current production of Rusalka, with Renee Fleming reprising her role as the nebulous water nymph, the magic begins at the first rise of that glorious golden curtain.  The set is lit with gloworms and fireflies on the lake......the trees bend their branches to embrace the night sky, and the audience.  A true fairy tale, complete with dryads, water creatures, a bonafide witch, a Prince, of course, and a castle, all revolving around a wishful little lake-dwelling sylph.  Renee Fleming emerges from a tree at lake's edge and sings to the glory of the full moon, pouring out her heart and her heart-felt desires, as delicately and lyrically as a breath on the evening breeze.
Although, as an audience, we know what's coming next in this Czech version of The Little Mermaid, still we are carried by the gracefulness of Miss Fleming, and the fairy dust in the very air.  Her movements are as diaphanous as her gowns, and lend themselves to the poetry of Dvorak's music.  
When all of the elements come together, and a brilliant, sparkling production emerges, the rest of the world disappears.  Truly.  
Treat yourself to the opera  at the Met, whether it be this production, or another.  Walking through those doors, in that majestic theatre, is an experience meant to be savored, and enjoyed.

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