Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brides, bridal, bridezillas

When people come in and ask if the  bridezilla is a reality, or a put-on for television, I have to admit that they're out there in full force.  Service providers to the wedding industry, and those of us who try to make everyone happy for that day of all days, can tell stories around a campfire for hours about the brides we get to meet. No, not every bride goes over the Falls , but it happens a lot, so it has become the norm rather than the exception.  My personal theory is that most of the  girls getting married have never thrown a big party, and so they're lost in the world of flowers, catering, reception halls, et al, so even without throwing in the relatives and the bridesmaids,  they're just not schooled in this field and so get a bit lost.  Not to worry.  the wedding planner exists, and they should always be consulted.  Delegation is a good thing, and should never be brushed aside.  
Having said that, why not start practicing by throwing a big whoopdedo shindig just for the experience, once a year, until everything goes as planned, and your perfect wedding is within reach? Parties should be well planned, and smooth running, so that the hostess, aka Miss Bride, can enjoy herself.  It's more fun when it's a production, but beach parties can be fun, too.
Take advantage of the summer time, and throw a party.  And don't be bridezilla!

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