Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, Monsieur!

Now, to M. LaCroix and the Couture collection, 2008.  Deeply historical in his reference always, Christian LaCroix tortures the mind into thinking......about layers, colors, textures.  Without ever losing his place, geographical inspiration, or line, M. LaCroix pulls together a Grand Bal Masque of feminine diversion.  Too whimsical, too degage, too encrusted????? Never..........as it used to say on the front of the LoneStar Bar in NYC: too much is never enough.  Lace, taffeta, jet, brocade......all romantically entwined for modern Marie Antoinettes to aspire to, if not snap up today.  His contemplation of relevance, contrast, and juxtaposition creates moods of Ladies who live only in portrait galleries nowadays.  But fear not, brave and virtuous mamselles out there:  a piece of any of the collection will show up in many different shapes and forms.  Diluted, but there, to be used in myriad photoshoots.....inspiring operatic moments in all of us.
Give me headpieces, give me lace, give me more.............
Merci, Monsieur LaCroix.  I'm off to make up some fantastic collages to be worn, for sure, on the head.

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