Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starry Nights

Stars, as an image in cartoon history, represent the moment when you're knocked unconscious.  Stars on a flag represent the elements of that nation, as the stars in the celestial heavens stand individually, but as one body of reflection.
Stars, on hats, as cut-outs on rodeo outfits, represent the wackiness of fashion.  We use everything as image, and adapt, shape, applique, trim.........stars were brought back to the foreftont by Yves. St. Laurent, on shoes, jewelry.  We put them on cocktail hats, not as an applique, but as wired shapes, airy, light, not heavy Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley references, but alluding to the shooting stars of our youth.  The starry night sky, in paintings, in song lyrics, creates a moment of peace, causing us to pause a quick second and reflect.
For the Fourth of July, go see the fireworks, look up at the starry night sky, and revel in a moment of shared glory with the firmament.
Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

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