Saturday, July 5, 2008

by a Waterfall

New York's East River has 4 waterfalls.......until October, as of now, and all man-made.  We got ourselves a art installation, fer sure.
Along the lower straits of the Brooklyn Bay, around Governor's Island, a glorious sight is gushing by daylight, and lit romantically at night, for all to gaze at, and ponder.  Commentary by any artist on the urban landscape is a welcome insight into our daily routine.  The things we take for granted suddenly become marvellous and wondrous, taken in a different context.  The East River, used by the children of Five Points as a watering hole in the Nineteenth Century, and seen in souvenir postcards as a thriving dockside waterway, is once again claiming it's due.  Home to the Statue of Liberty, and now to cruiseships docking in Red Hook, the East River may now be the backdrop for a new kind of souvenir postcard:  wedding photographs, with the Waterfalls of New York as a backdrop.  Married abord the Ferry system of New York, tossing the bouquet to the waters  below, forever poised in front of our waterfalls.  What a vision!
Can't you just see the veil blow in the windwept spray of the waters?

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