Thursday, July 24, 2008


or mint julep, or mojito.........or just iced tea, under a tree, on a hammock, enjoying the lazy days of Summer......
not me........we're working, getting the world ready for Fashion Week as we wrap up our summer requests and prep for fall in the shop, the Fashion World is revving up for the momentous occasion when it shows the world it's stuff.  
Brides, Panama hats, repairs, all daily reminders that we are a millinery house......the magazine shoots keep us busy with requests for specialty pieces, soon to be seen on a glossy page near you, but the day to day problems of hatfolk everywhere is what keeps the store humming with nimble fingers.  
Johnny brought in his Montecristi that his girlfriend dropped into the lake.........reblock, please.
An architect customer from down South is coming to town for his annual ribbon replacement.  A bride to be needs a hat for her grandmother, who knows exactly what she wants, but can't come in for a  fitting.  We approved the color of the silk, and the flowers for a lovely Mother of the Bride's headpiece, and got Patrick's decision on his next straw hat, just a kick around (slightly respectable) little fedora.  British Elle called in their requests, UK Telegraph finalized their list for tomorrow, and Italian Vogue picked up for a reshoot.  
That was this morning.  Get the picture?
When civilians come in and ask "Who wears these?", with a look of incredulity upon their faces, I should give them a blow-by-blow of a day in the life..............instead I just say:  "...anybody with a head....", and leave it at that.
So, while you're in that hammock, wave your hat in the breeze, and raise a glass to those of us back at the ranch, hatting away.

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