Monday, July 7, 2008

Lace and Lovelies

Ever popular lace for brides and bridemaids is making it's way back into the columnar, simplicity minded bridal market.  With lingerie inspired dresses the norm, lace trim is now de rigeur, and so it sneaks into our commonality.  Lace, long the hushed subject of ladies' boudoir conversation, is now seen in every component of costume, fashion, and accessory.  It usually takes two years after the fact for any trend to hit the bridal market, ever the safe, measured and predictable in the garment industry.  So in two years, the lace gown may make it's way back into the pages of every bridal magazine, ousting the simple empire silk gown from it's pedestal.  In the meantime, lace pops into the frame on a mask, on a veil, in a film, and stylists are craving it for their editorials.  
Grace Kelly has long been the inspiration for generations of elegant brides.  Yes, lace.  Spanish mantillas are rising in popularity once again, along with the flirtatious fan.  Yes, lace.  Marc Jacobs included a cape in the runway collection, black, but yes, lace.

Lacroix has been the master I look to for lace use and originality always prevails in his application.  Although it is always based upon fokloric tradition, lace has been seen in every context from virginal to dominatrix.  No longer under all, but now, out in the open.  

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