Monday, July 14, 2008

John Galliano, you slay me!

We work, and slave, to keep the heads of the world happy and covered.  We stitch, and block, and brush, and bead.......relentlessly, it seems.  For years, decades even, the world of Haute Couture has ignored the hat.  They have left their customer bereft, and lacking.  But no longer.  Our little world has been beseiged by fabulousness.......Mr. Stephen Jones has long been working with John Galliano on collection pieces for the house of Dior.  In the past several seasons, his breathtaking work has put some of the most expressive hats out there once again to be considered for the possibility of wearing.  And I say that with a catch in my throat, knowing that the hat wearing public generally claims the calmer shapes and styles as their own, leaving the outrageous to others for an occasional wear.  What others, you may ask? We have a few of those others on board at Ellen Christine, so I imagine Dior must have legions clamouring for those hats that Mr. Jones is cranking out willy-nilly.
Ah, the joy of seeing a new collection.  Now, it's the cloche front that's being attacked.  Molded leather, superb in pattern and construction, as only Haute Couture can be.  A simple hat, the cloche, and one that we do every season, in a new configuration every year.  It's a hat that many heads understand.  I personally cannot wear a cloche, but those of you with doe eyes, interesting features, great hair can sport a cloche with abandon and know that you look devastating.  It's a hat that lends an illusion of youth, if the youth is a bit faded.  It's a hat that provides security, warmth, and emotional support.  Yes, all that, in one little piece of felt.
Stephen Jones is making my life difficult, but it's a sublime pain, given to striving for the next level, the next bend in the wire, so to speak.
Heads of the world, perk up!  Long live the cloche!

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